Creating Knowledge by Implementing Concept of the Retrospective Recollection

Creating Knowledge by Implementing Concept of the Retrospective Recollection

As it was explained in the previous part of this creative article, dedicated to the dialectical understanding of the Spiritual DIA Mindual Intellect, since THE FOCUS of this dialectical, creatively interactive content under consideration IS PLACED on the creation of knowledge, for achieving this goal it is not enough implementation of any kind of spiritual DIA mindual "Deep Blue" approach without proper creative feedback, although it is A PREREQUISITE for the realisation of it. In other words, it is expected, sooner or later, to come back from the undertaken (spiritual - mindual) creative journey using this dialectical way of understanding the time and space into the existing living reality with a (t least a drop of) knowledge. For further information related to the creation of knowledge by implementing the Concept of the Retrospective Recollection, read the creative article: Milestones of the Dialectical Creatively Interactive Way of Creating Knowledge. In this creative article were highlighted some key-points of this way of creating knowledge, understood in terms of cross-bridging and prevailing of enormous dialectical distances of the inner eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces (unconsciousness) within thy inner dia inmost being

with help of thy emotively emotional presence in these inner worlds of dialectics in the purpose of transferring and unzipping these dormant (unconscious) dialectical contents

into thy mind (subconsciousness), and then follows the decoding and translation of it with the dialect - reason in the sense of thy physical presence (consciousness).

In short, these happenings in the spatial medium (mind dia reason) DIA the related medium of time (emotively emotional presence dia physical presence), understood in terms of dialectical creatively interactive multi-interplay of the spiritual perceptivity dia the corresponding rational, reasonable, mental perception, were thoroughly considered and elaborated in the creative article: Dialectical Understanding of Space. In the table below were presented highlights of this way of coming into being a knowledge: From ... idea dia thoughts to the final creative result of it.

Key-points in course of the Proces of Creating Knowledge by implementing Dialectical Understanding of the Retrospective Recollection
Spiritual Emotively Emotional Perceptiveness of the Space DIA Time in the Medium of Space DIA Medium of Time, understood in terms of the Time in Space: Rational, Reasonable, Mental Perception of the Space DIA Time within the Medium of Space DIA Medium of Time, understood in terms of the Space in Time (Matter embedded in the Past):
A (Intuitive) Presentiment An Instinctive Hunch and Feeling
(Preliminary) Intuitive Sentience and Sensing (Preliminary) Instinctive Sensation, Clairvoyance and Discerning
Unconsciously intuitive Getting an Idea DIA Having а Clue about It (Unconscious Conceiving and Coming into Being an Idea) Subconsciously instinctive Emerging of the Contours of Blurred Thoughts
(Pre) Cognizance understood in terms of intuitively subconscious Conceiving and Making Sense of this Idea (Preliminary) Instinctive (Pre) cognition (still within the Boundaries of Subconsciousness)
Becoming (intuitive) subconsciously aware of It Being aware (conscious) of It ("Finding out")
Intuitive Concepting of this Idea to the Set of akin (Emotively Emotional) Ideas The quickly conscious Grasping of the encapsulated Time DIA Space (Realizing of its Meaning, Usefulness, and Value) in order to comprehend (to grasp and to figure out) and understand in Peace this Set of (rational) Ideas through logical Reasoning and rational Insight (a particular kind of Seeming or Appearance: mental Outlines and Images), and its Translation into the related Reflective dia Reflexive Set of Thoughts understood in terms of (Self-) Consciously Making Sense of these still Indistinct Thought - Patterns and Spiritual Experiences (Formulation and Conceptualisation of this Dialectical Content)
Dialectical Creatively-Interactive Multi-Interplay of the Spiritual Emotively-Emotional Dialect dia Rational, Reasonably-Mental Dialect in this Inner Eternity of Times DIA Infinity Spaces of the Worlds of Dialectics

By reconsidering the complexity of this dialectical content under creative consideration, as it is the process of creating knowledge by using this methodological approach by definition, it was clearly and comprehensibly demonstrated the superiority of this dialectical way of understanding of space dia time, which encompasses (immense invisible) inner worlds of dialectics (time in space: future in the spirit) as well as the external worlds of dialectics

over a rectilinear way of understanding of the (matter-like) space and time. For more info, read the creative article: The (Recti)linear Comprehending of Space and Time: The Conception of the Physical Universe.

By the way said, the dialectical content presented in the above table in relation to the Dialectical Understanding of Spiritual DIA Mindual Intelligence was actually reinterpreted through the prism of the vocabulary of mentally-emotive emotional intelligence because it is very difficult to express this by means of everyday language but rather it (only) can be personally experienced. Probably, for the (too modernized) people in large, it is very difficult to distinguish between the intuition and the instinct

In short, the intuition has much deeper roots, and for this reason, it could come out the unconsciousness to the subconsciousness ⇢ consciousness while the deepest source of instinctive acting is subconsciousness. But keep in mind, the point is in their dialectical interactively creative interplay within the spatial medium (mind dia reason) DIA the corresponding medium of time (emotively emotional dia physical presence).

In addition to the aforementioned in connection with the concept of spiritual dia mindual intellect and the appropriate intelligence, there is no meaning to develop new THEORETICAL concepts, when the possibilities of the existing ones were neither put into practice nor exhausted, such as for example, the introduced concept of mental - emotively emotional intelligence. Or more simply said, those who can not understand the role of all seven human senses, how then can they grasp the (cap) abilities of the spirit and the appropriate intelligence, respectively, to figure out the abilities of the intellect, which is based on it? Or by paraphrasing Christ,

COMPARED WITH the words said to disciples of His

Creating Knowledge by Implementing Concept of the Retrospective Recollection

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to thee! How often would I have gathered thy children together as a paradise bird gathers her brood under its wings, but thou werest not willing. Look, thy house is left to thee desolate. For I tell thee, thou willst not see me again, until thou sayest, "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord" (Matthew 23:37-39).

What happened to the pictorial images "that many prophets and kings wanted to see...", and which were obviously revealed to apostles by Christ? No doubt, the same fate of losing it over the passage of time DIA space, as a final result of keeping it secret within narrow and closed circles of the selected ones, instead of sharing it with those whom they were predetermined for (believers). For this reason, this creator of knowledge publicly exposed the methodological core of this pre-ancient hidden knowledge, though in these days of the rule of modern(ised) heathens it did not draw a considerable attention, except in negative terms (for me personally). But this is not unknown if you read the fate of the majority of the main heroes of Holy Books and Scriptures. Anyway, in these creative articles, Christ's words came true:

In spite of all this, it seems, to get out of the world of the bipolar (dia binary) way of thinking [mental versus emotional intelligence and the similar patterns of thoughts] is very difficult after passing through the sieves of the closely akin crowd dia group way of thinking. In either case, it was demonstrated that also with this simplest way of manifestation of the spiritually - mental intellect, it is possible to be greeted from time to time the Greatest Creator of us all (God), to communicate with other Great Beings, with a "little" help from their side

although this way of communication can take a lot of time (DIA the appropriate space). By the way said, even equipped with these capabilities of the mentally - emotively emotional intelligence, thou art going to feel thyself as a stranger on Earth. For thy consolation, in the case of tedium, thou can join, from time to time, to the (entertaining) world of the simple(st) mind by enjoying its charm, glamor, and benefits, whenever there is a desire for doing it.

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