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  Hidden Knowledge: Continuation of Plato's Dialectos Timaeus - Part Three

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

In this creative article, the initiated creative traveling continues in order to complete missing links in this antique dialectos Timaeus of Plato: Quest for the Origin of the Symbol of Humane Genus. First of all, it is noticeable that Plato throughout the text intermingled the story of the creation of the human(e) being with the formation of the universe, using his concept model-copy, among other reasons to mask DIA to blur his creative work. For this reason, according to this creator of knowledge, the text cannot be understood by reading it row by row but rather this dialectically interactive content should be mixed again and then re-interlinked in order to reveal a creative tale among many of them. In other words, the same methodics and methodical procedure is used, which was applied during the noting down Holy Books and Scriptures. In addition to the outlined, seen from this methodological perspective, (with)in the world of dialectics everything more or less mirrors, mimics and imitates everything else within this divine creation (model DIA copies) because by this interpretation of the act of creation (of all and everything) was actually embodied in symbolic terms the creative actions of the four primeval elements (dialects) DIA their proto dialectical principles and manifestations (fire, water, air, earth) in / of time (future, emotive emotional dia physical presence, past) DIA space (spirit, mind dia reason, matter). In short, everything was based on this eternal and unchanging model, that is, created and arranged by using this infinite divine ideal, which pervades the enormous vastness of the (mutual interplay of) time DIA space. By Plato’s words,

  • "for whereas the pattern (model DIA paradigm) is existent through all eternity, the copy, on the other hand, is through all time, continually having existed, existing and being about to exist".

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Reappearance from Oblivion of the Symbol of the Human and Humane Genus

Personal Interpretations of the full Meaning of the Symbol of Human and Humane Genus from the Viewpoint of the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

What is the real Source of Hidden Knowledge?

Plato Timaeus - Part One: The hidden knowledge of Plato's Demiurge

Plato Timaeus - Part Two: A creative traveling through the dialectical understanding of the time DIA space

The Power of Pictures

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  Reappearance from Oblivion of the Symbol of the Human and Humane Genus

The Broader and the Narrow Diagonal Cross: (Axises of the) Two Crosses in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

The Narrow Diagonal Cross: Dialectic Synthesised Cross (with)in Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces, understood in Terms of the (Deeper) Deepest Representation

The dialectical interactively creative content, presented in the previous part of this creative article, was based on the Plato’s dialectos of parables, uttered through the mouth of Timaeus philosopher. By decoding this dialectos of Plato, from the oblivion, two beings in a perfect union were again brought to the light of day. As Oswald Wirth already emphasised, each symbolic story can always be studied from an infinite number of (tri)angles, and each thinker has the right to discover in it a new meaning, corresponding to the creative framework created by her / his own ideas related to that particular dialectical content under creative (re)consideration. .... For this reason, let’s continue I-thou-we adults with a further dialectical synthesising in time (of time) DIA space with purpose to increase the quality of this lovely liaison between these two beings. Let us do it by drawing a new crosswise, the so-called narrow version of diagonal cross, which actually presents two axis of the previously mentioned TWO CROSSES. Or said it in another way, these two crosses (of the Holy Spirit and Father) reemerged from the depth of eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces, that is, they were regenerated (re-created) by this creative cut. By the way said, in a few century later developed Christian Conception of the Holy Trinity, these TWO CROSSES represent the reflections of the "Immortal God dia Father.... in action" in the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces. In either case, imagine that I-thou-we did it by depicting within these two formed pentagons an imaginative symbol of X, using as a pattern the symbol 8 DIA horizontal eight (eternity DIA infinity), depending on whether you see this figure as a vertical or horizontal image, and then this dialectical content was squeezed into two triangles again: A pair of dialects of the dialectical understanding of the eternity DIA infinity.

The Two Beings fallen in Love within Time DIA Space

The Two Beings fallen in Love within the Time DIA Space

In other words, the dialectical eternity DIA infinity is a rectilinear DIA triangular representation of the eternity DIA infinity, created as a result of the compressing of dia harnessing through the dialectical sieves set in progress the accumulated dialectical quality of the time DIA space. The result of these initiated creative actions is a new higher quality in time DIA space, caught within it! Bingo! And now, let’s close I-thou-we immediately these two triangles by depicting within them a new imaginative figure 8 DIA horizontal eight (∞), in order to be prevented this quality of the time DIA space to flow out. Bingo! What did I-thou-we express DIA impressions of time / in time DIA space by this creative “cut”, which was symbolically presented by the narrow crosswise (diagonal cross)? In short, expressed by the everyday language, I-thou-we have depicted and conjured up, how two beings (fallen) in love are sharing their and only their time DIA space, and the related atmosphere within it. No one and nothing exists for them in the whole world (universe) at that moment DIA place. Only two of them!

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The Two Beings within the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Let’s now connect the remaining lines (with)in the pentagons in order to form in that way two new five-pointed stars. Bingo! Yes, within each angle of the pentagon as well as between and among these imaginative angles, there is a dialectical tension, which would lead to the bursting of this construction in (of) time DIA space, that is, to the explosion of this over-strained dialectical creatively interactive content, if that was not strengthened and connected by these imaginative lines. Bingo! Whether thou already forgot that I-thou-we earlier squeezed the imaginative symbol “8 DIA ∞” into two imaginative triangles DIA dialectical recti-linearisation of the eternity DIA infinity, and then closed again with it. If you forgot that, refresh and recall your memory. Bingo! Note that two new pentagons have been already depicted within each of this five-pointed star. Bingo! After the all aforementioned, this creator of knowledge hopes that everyone can grasp the full meaning of this simple lesson in Euclid’s geometry, that is, where a pentagon is, there a smaller five-pointed star is too, respectively it can be depicted and vice versa! Do you agree? Bingo! Put in other words, this initiated dialectical process continues into the past (DIA future), understood in terms of eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces. Bingo! By the way, this feature of the stars was used in the developed dialectical interactive approach for the graphical illustration of complex dialectical interactively creative contents under creative consideration.

What did I-thou-we present by this imaginative depicting in time / of time DIA space? First of all, an amazing fact was revealed: these two lovely beings are not alone in their and only their imaginative world, as they believed it. Wow, so many silent and patient witnesses of / within their sweet little secret. Yes, think next time on these lovely beings and their relatives, that is, be aware of the fact that the all thy past, understood in terms of dialectical way of comprehension of the time DIA space, is watching carefully all what you are doing. And think about their great desire to get perhaps into your small world. But this part of the story belongs to the sphere of the quality flowing in time DIA space, understood in terms of the three basic dialectic principles, aspects and manifestations in action within this eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces. In other words, this interactively creative content was dialectically synthesised in terms of the ("quartet") three (3) DIA one (1) dialectics of dialectics DIA multiple negations of negations, because in any higher world of dialectics, seen from the dialectically long run perspective, there is only place for the quality, that is, the highest one at that concrete (particular) span of time DIA space.

  Personal Interpretations of the full Meaning of the Symbol of Human and Humane Genus from the Viewpoint of the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

A malicious person might argue that the five-pointed stars represent also apeman-like species, monkeys, geese and the like. Ok, this creator of knowledge will not deny anyone, the own right to express, how (s)he emotes DIA feels this graphical illustration within her, his own kingdom of ???, that is, the own past. In other words, this methodological approach is opposite compared to their efforts of compelling others, who do not share their opinion, to utter this dialectical content in their recognisable way of retelling it. By the way said, this creator of knowledge did not spend creative power denying Darwin's "Theory of Natural Evolution DIA Natural Selection" but rather using it as basis, the existence of two distinctly different kinds (genus) can be easier observed, as a final result of the understanding of time "DIA versus AND" space. But once again, that is a so PERSONAL story deeply imprinted in the (own) time DIA space, which was in detail described in the hinduistic doctrine of the transmigration of souls. In short, the developed dialectical interactive approach also in this scenario in time DIA appropriate situation in space, allows everyone a free choice of her, his ancestors, that is, the freedom to recognise the imprints of that within their inner DIA inmost beings: The kingdom of ????.

In addition to this, by including and emphasising the importance of the distinguishing GOOD from evil, based on the true meaning of messages, which were uttered by the main heroes of the Holy Books and Scriptures, it was also demonstrated that other living beings created by God are not the (major) trouble-makers in this created great room of His. In other words, your attention was again turned to the later created inner appendage of the committed EVIL, which then was further increased, accumulated and cultivated over the passage of time and space. In short, this evil dialect (part) is implanted within each person, particularly, it is implanted in those, within the kingdom of which (to a significant extent) PREVAILS EVIL. Here it is very important to emphasize that a human being does not have to be perfect (clean), understood in terms of the recognisable bipolar (OR - OR) DIA binary way of thinking of theirs (black-white, clean-unclean, good-bad .... all OR nothing", the result of which came into being the various kinds of the earthly gods, trouble-makers, GREEDY ONES ....). But in any way, (s)he should be able to put under control the accumulated (inherited) inner evil. In addition to this, the further working on her, his "kingdom" is desirable (improvement of it), because apart from the easier self-control in various, much more complex, scenarios in time DIA appropriate situations in space, by means of the increased SPIRITUAL abilities were also increased own capabilities (bandwidth) of dialectical synthesizing in time DIA space, and for this reason her, his capabilities of mind as well. Keep in mind, a good person (human being) with its inner (inborn) goodness possesses spiritual dia mindual potential to be more creative than a less good person, and particularly, compared to an evil one [which is naturally inclined to the destruction of all and everything].

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The Human Being

As a summary, within this figure I-thou-we now can see and recognise, understood in terms of the retrospective recollection in time (of time) DIA space (the concept of recollection), a small piece of the past of these two living beings, presented as a gallery of the procession of their past images, which continues endlessly into the past (DIA future). By the way said, the concept of retrospective recollection in time DIA space was also tackled by Plato, when he tries to conjure up how knowledge, as a kind of the previously experienced, inherited, impressed, and imprinted knowledge in the memory of time DIA space of a pupil (brain as a kind of the universe in small) comes into being, that is, this knowledge can be (easier) learned in this way [recollected: inborn human process of learning] that is by the way a recognisable feature of the human beings. But these remarks of Plato were also mocked by the modern scientists. Regardless of this, pay thy attention how small children

  • [refreshed and renewed by the still prevailing spiritual abilities of the conceiving and comprehending of the world around them, before these inborn spiritual abilities were not tamed (destroyed) by the implementation of well-known, strictly SIMPLE-MINDUAL (simple-reasonable) approaches, and which are still recommended by various kinds of 'modern scientists' (tamers)]

are inbornly (cap)able, in difference to other species, to REFLECTIVELY connect (to dialectically synthesise) and grasp the meaning (until then completely unknown for them) things and relations DIA VERY QUICKLY TO LEARN in this TYPICAL HUMAN way. For further information, READ: The Phenomenon of a Small Child: Intuitive Creativity as an Inborn Gift of God.

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

As this figure is expressed dia impressions of the condensed time DIA space, understood in terms of (my-thy-our) presence there by means of the mind dia reason, this creator of knowledge hopes, their future DIA past (the conception of transmigration and reincarnation of souls) is not difficult to SIMULATE. But to warn me-thee-us, this is a very simplified dialectical thinking, interpreted and presented in terms of the linear way of thinking in time and space, the final purpose of which is the revealation of the origin of the symbol of human(e) genus, that was in focus of this creative article. If this creator of knowledge managed to discover more secrets of the unknown to you, then better for you. Here it is important to be emphasised, the previously mentioned SPIRITUAL features have not to follow, that is, to be in accordance with the material (genetically) linear way of inheritance in TIME-AND-SPACE. In other words, to follow the well-known pattern of thinking from the ... (grand)parents to children, but rather this is individually (spiritually) predetermined (and inherited).

In short, where in the TIME-DIA-SPACE the spiral of triangles of spiritual inheritance will be broken (made), is known only to God. For this reason, DO NOT WONDER, when you the well-known complaints of (grand)parents hear that their child (spiritually) resembles (takes after) no one in the extended family [in their (genealogical) family tree, known to them]. Simultaneously, each of you can improve the future prospects of your (genetic) descendants (Mark, 10:15) by working on thyself [cleaning and improving the inner DIA inmost being (Luke-17:20-21)] and around thyself by gathering and working with thy (spiritual DIA mindual) children, who share the same system of values. Anyway, it seems from the very beginning of their life, the small children are exempted (spared) of the bearing the spiritual burden (or quality, if you so will) of their ancestors (Luke-12:59). In other words, their true nature, (more or less) good, bad, evil comes later, that is, after an opportunity was given them to be prepared for bearing it by their (grand)parents (or by the various take-carers, if you still insist on that) ... Or more simply said, each child deserves TO BE A TRUE CHILD OF HIS, at least during a (short) period of this dialectical way of understanding of time DIA space (SPIRIT, mind dia reason, matter).

  What is the real Source of Hidden Knowledge?

The Concept of the Living God


As it was many times emphasised in the creative works of his by this creator of knowledge, the worlds of dialectics can be only conceived in terms of dialectical triangles of thesis, antithesis, synthesis DIA the renewed thesis, the renewed antithesis ...., READ: "The Dialectic Interactive Approach", and the related dialectics of dialectics DIA (continual) negations of negations of the accumulated both quality and quantity (with)in time DIA space, READ, "Dialectic Interactive Approach: Dialectics of Dialectics DIA Negations of Negations", respectively in terms of a further multiple dialectical synthesising of these triangles of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis (triads of triads) DIA RENEWED thesis ... by dialectical conquering the distances, differences and diversities in (the particular) time DIA space, the purpose of which is to achieve a (temporal) conclusion. READ: "Dialectic Interactive Approach: Three Basic Dialectical Principles, Aspects, Properties and Manifestations in the Time DIA Space".

Plato - Timaeus' - 1

Symbols of God's Confessions Contained within the Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

In either case, here is important to emphasize that all pre-ancient symbols, which are still used in religious rituals of the God's confessions [six-pointed star (of David), cross (the three crosses DIA one cross), crescent and star(s), transmigration and reincarnation of souls, the yin-yang principle ...], can be recognized in this version of the symbol of the human(e) genus. Apart from that, this creator of knowledge also hopes that a pictorial image of the Dialectical Creative Framework for the Orientation in Time DIA Space was recognised within it, and which is presented in even more details in this illustration. Keep in mind, that the Plato was born 427 year B.C., that means, these symbols existed before some of the God's religions (Christianity and Islam) were established, accordingly before all of them, as in this creative article is argued by me. In other words, because Plato (427 – 347) was not an emissary of God, he only noted down remnants of this hidden (lost) knowledge in his dialectos Timaeus, and which was kept by various ancient secret orders from the immemorial times, of which the Egyptian "Brethren of Temples" was only one of them. Where then does the higher knowledge DIA this primordial Plan of God come from? A distinct hint, related to the existence of THIS PLAN, can be found in the Holy Books and Scriptures as well as in the following words of Plato:

  • "This was THE PLAN of the Eternal (IMMORTAL) God, which He gave to the (Living) God about (one day) to come into existence (in TIME DIA SPACE) ..."

Pay thy attention that the coming of CHRIST was a part of this plan. Or said it in a different way, the cross, respectively completition of the trinity of three crosses DIA one cross

  • [actually a dynamical (rotation) dia dialectical representation of one cross in the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces: The symbol of the dialectical unity of three crosses DIA oneness of a cross],

as an allegory of the crucifixion of His, in this Symbolical Representation of God's Confessions, contained within the Symbol of the Human(e) Genus, was already depicted. The same might be argued for the crescent and star(s) because neither Christianity nor Islam was set up in the fourth century B.C

In short, recall of the story, noted down by 1.Moses-6:1-8, that narrates how sons of God after intermarrying with the beautiful daughters of earth (free-willingly) sacrificed the longevity of their lives for the beauty and longevity of the life of daughters of the earth. As a result of this love adventure, the (descendants of) sons of God lost their wings, whereas the daughters of the earth lost their tail. Pay also your attention to the gradual transition of the quality DIA quantity in time DIA space into a new "quality" (dis-quality). In the Holy Bible was also recorded that in the time of Noah the average length of life of the (remained dia transformed) human seed was significantly shortened (Adam-930, Seth-912, Enosh-905, Kenan-910, Mahalel-895, Jared-962, Enoch-taken by God, Methuselah–969, Lamech-777) while His son Shem lived “only” 600 years, Arphaxad - 438, Shelah-433, Eber-464, Peleg-239, Reu-239, Serug-230, Nahor-148, Terah-206.... Abraham – 175, Sarah – 127, Ishmael – 137, Isaac – 180, Jacob -147, Joseph – 110.... Moses (120). As then Lord said after the afore described love adventure: “My Spirit will not contend with (will remain in) (wo)man forever [within her / his ('stinky') evil kingdom of ?], for (s)he is corrupt, and from this reason mortal; her / his days will be 120” (1.Moses-6:3).

Dialectic Interactive Approach

Guardian Angel of the Human(e) Genus, Family, Knowledge and Creativity

Pay thy attention that the longevity of the remained human seed was still longer than the average longevity of life today as well as to a sudden shortening of the length of life “after the flood”. Try to link and synthesize this dialectical interactive content with the age they started to breed family compared to their forefathers of this remote past as well as the modern examples of fathering children by the (under) ten years old fathers and mothers, understood in terms of the initiation of related dialectical multiple-interactive processes, but this is a theme for an another story. The point of this is that the dialectically long-run consequences of the “scientific” GENETIC (ad)ventures into unknown is not possible to predict. The most obvious consequence of these initiated multiple dialectical interactive processes is the fact that today, on basis of the external appearance between a human(e) being, (wo)man, "ape-like" people and their rich common offspring, the genetic difference is not possible to make. In other words, her / his inner being should be individually examined by the “lamp”, that is, searched in her/his inner being DIA color of the inmost light.

Dialectics of Dialectics DIA Negations of Negations

The Four Primary DIA Proto Paradigmatic Presumptions of the Dialectic Interactive Approach


The Concept of the Living God


The lesson learned on this pre-ancient experience is that if a “scientist” or group of them would mix, for example, the (wo)man's / human genetic code with the genetic code of a mouse, as a consequence of it, the longevity of life of these (wo)man-mouse-like creatures would have been continually descended in a dialectically long run, approaching an imaginable point(-puncture: pora dia spora) on this new dialectically made span of the time DIA space. In other words, the speed of this “approaching dia discending” depends on the outcome DIA multi-directions of the unity and struggle of contradictions (tensions) [mouse DIA (wo)man] in time DIA space ... accordingly of the (final) creative outcome of the three basic dialectic principles in time DIA space. Perhaps, the mouse would gain something from this love affair, respectively whether would it gain anything, knowing “them” DIA them. For example, in a scenario in time DIA the appropriate situation in space, what would happen to these poor (wo)man-mouse-like creatures, if “they” suddenly came on idea to enslave these new-made creatures, for doing the boring physical work, or acquiring more easily richness for them, and the like, driven by their insatiable greed and avid-grasping. For your orientation in time DIA space, keep always in mind that the slavery was one of many reasons for the fall of ancient and antique “civilizations” (societies) as well as each manifestation of the concept of slavery, including the modern ones too (indebting, for example), leads in a (dialectically) long run to fall of such a society.

But this is not by any means the end of this “thrilling” dialectically long-run "scientific story". In short, the mouse-like (wo)men, accordingly the fallen (wo)man enslaved or not, will in dialectically long run, thanks to the continual multiplication (reproduction) in time DIA space, manage to intermarry their "creators", killing the rest of them, for sure, what had been already recorded in the recollection of human(e) beings. After accomplishment of this easier part of the “natural evolution” DIA devolution, caused by the dialectical multifaceted-interplay DIA interaction of their mixed "burdens", sooner or later, some of its enlightened dia illuminated members of this new created genus

  • [the members of which bear the SPIRITUAL seed of their human ancestors (the dialect - spirit) within their inner kingdoms (inner dia INNERMOST BEING), while the rest of these species, after seeing their external physical appearance (the dialect - matter) in the water (or in a mirror) and by comparing it to the images of a mouse (or with the rats because they are bigger), will claim their ancestry from this mouse-like kind. Since in their black-white world, there is only place for the dominance of one option (black OR white: lack of tolerance), the tensions, quarrels, conflicts, and fights are unavoidable (recognizable features of all sorts of heathens), behind of which the narrow-minded and egoistic interests of upper castes are always hidden.
  • Paradoxically enough, by reading Holy Books and Scriptures easily can be understood that the major innocent victims were the emissaries of God because the messages of these great individuals, after passing through the sieve of the crowd dia group way of thinking, were not properly understood [or they were very well understood, take it into consideration as you please], and for this reason, they were not welcome, particularly, after touching (the well-known interests of) various "untouchables". This typical persecution of the emissaries of God is an additional omen that thou live in a low-conscious world where evil prevails, which is very appropriate for thy proper orientation in the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces, regardless of their enormous propagandistic efforts to show that in a different light. But either way, keep in mind that the common feature of the created genus in such a way is to utilize, exploit and ENSLAVE as more members of society as it is feasible: The common burden, which was inherited from their primordial ancestors - creators.
  • In short, the exit from such a dark scenario in time DIA the appropriate situation in space, is in a further mindual dia spiritual development of (each) individual person. As a result of this approach, if you cannot collectively find the exit from this kind of the "do while loop", at least, thou as an individual will get an opportunity to leave this low (evil) world to a higher one, where the conditions for achieving it are more favorable [it seems, even the species of flora and fauna instinctively sense it]. Otherwise, if the increasing of spiritual dia mindual abilities on the mob dia group level was feasible by using various physical means, force, and power, then this option would be accomplished during the medieval age of blackness by the those-days ruling natiocratic elite.
  • In other words, since this inner being dia the inmost one cannot be implanted, transplanted, or separated in terms of the physical removing evil "part" from the good dialect, sooner or later, each living being will show its true nature and temper, which is always in accordance with the cleanness of its inner kingdom. Moreover, apart from not achieving this goal in this way ["keep TEMPORARILY the accumulated water until (secret) masters leave dia relocate"], the persecution and inquisition also continues in this initiated Age of the obscurity and darkness because these (very) mobile secret masters are always there positioned, where the might, power and money are (the magic circle of natiocracy). So, the choice is yours!

by a little help of the emissaries of God, as a proof of mercy and love of His, will start with cleansing (purifying) the inherited burden, respectively they will try to re-ascend the fallen (wo)men (dia mousses) on the earlier achieved level of development, and so on in time DIA space until they again reach the level of intelligence of these today's modern “scientists”.

By the way, as a pattern for thinking, pay the attention to this potential way of implementation of the earthly act of creation of living beings, which for sure is not an exact copy of the heavenly version of the creation, but based on the eternal model because each copy of the eternal model is more or less imperfect. In other words, here the word goes about an example of not perfect "copying" (earthly emulation) of a small piece of the heavenly act of the creation (eternal model). Although this is still a hot-topic, and particularly, this will be in the coming Age of BIOINFORMATICS, the point of this retrospective recollection was searching for the true origin of this hidden (lost) knowledge. In short, this higher knowledge was usurped from the sons of God, and then kept in the pagan secret orders from generation to generation until was entirely lost! Didactic message: Everything that was given to dia inherited by the (modern) pagans (including their heathenish offspring) also will be lost in their (recti)linear way of comprehension of future, as a counterpart to the dialectical understanding of the future.

Source: "Traces of Dialectics in Time DIA Space – Methodology for Creating Knowledge, Jovanović, 2001"