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 Culture and Religion

Culture DIA Religion

The Background Simulative Methodological Assumptions of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

Peter Demianovitsch Ouspensky, by basing his creative work on some very old scriptures, uses the notion "religion" instead of the notion "culture". To the opinion of this creator of knowledge, there is no need for such an emphasising the role of religion in a society, allowing in that way to be neglected other very important constituents of the culture (cultural treasure). Furthermore, this way of giving more importance to the (separated) religion has been paid by a huge price. A consequence of it is the losing in a long run influence of religion on the rest of society. Simultaneously in this way has been allowed much easier carrying out of the concept of neo-secular religion DIA secularism into living reality. In other words, smaller and not intertwined wholes is much easier to control (ideologically, for example) from the naticratic structures of might. As an example, pay your attention on the observable fact that neither within any of these four huge spheres of the human activity (culture, philosophy, art, science) there is so much creative cooperation and pervading. Even the use of an interdisciplinary approach is a rarity, without to be mentioned the undertaking creative trips outside of them. And now just imagine the commited effect, as a consequence of the creative efforts of this creator of knowledge to include also (the preserved knowledge and wisdom contained within) the (already discredited) religion in the process of creating knowledge.

In short, by emphasising the role of ANY KIND OF religious manifestation, including the concept of secularism (in terms of the implementing it as a kind of the neo-religion), in sense of the formation of core (heart) of a considered culture, might be much better defined the relation between the culture and religion. As a result of the use of this approach, in the case of someone's fundamentalist claiming, that (s)he DIA her / his societal unit is unreligious, secular, irreligious ...., the true nature of that dialectical content will be reflected through the prism of the (filled up or EMPTY) core of the considered culture. In the living reality over time DIA space, it will BE MANIFESTED in some form of the cultural upshot, regardless of whether it is or isn't in accordance with the desired one. In other words, behavioural patterns of the societal (unit's) attitude to the relation between the good (right) and evil (bad) will be both observable and recognisable in EACH KIND OF SOCIETY, religious, secular or unreligious, that is, it will be manifested in terms of (more or less) good DIA bad BEHAVIOUR of the considered individual(s), groups or crowd within it.

Introduction into Dialectic Interactive Approach

Couple Dialect: Thesis DIA Antithesis


Dialectical Comprehending the Time DIA Space: The Concept of the Dialectical Universe

Synthese DIA "G" → The Renewed Thesis in the Time DIA Space

ETC. in the Time DIA Space UNTIL has been reached

Dialectical Comprehending the Time DIA Space: The Concept of the Dialectical Universe

"G" → The Temporal Conclusion of / in the Time DIA Space

The implemented approach by this creator of knowledge shows that the best way for rehabilitation of religion in terms of the finding suitable role in a society is, at first the retaking its inborn place within the (dialect) culture and then its CREATIVE reconnecting with other three spheres of human acting. Recall, in the old time DIA space, a lot of useful inventions DIA created knowledge had been realised within the (walls of) monasteries. In such a constellation, the idea of separating these four spheres of human (creative) acting from the politics, supported by the continual increasing level of development of the consciousness DIA conscience of its citizens, is not in fact a so bad scenario DIA situation in time DIA space. But not doing it in terms of their concept of neo-secularisation, that is, see and undertake nothing outside the built institutional (secularised) walls, imposed by the political authority DIA the real centre of the structure of might of the concrete time DIA space. In other words, the SPITITUAL VOICE OF THE TRUTH, trust and love has to be heard, too, that is, what the Heavenly God would say in that concrete scenario DIA situation in time DIA space.

Or said it in another way, these four interactive dialects (voices) of the human acting and creating should play a much more (pro)active role in society, by preventing formation of the yoke acting and "cooperating" between the politics and big business, as well as any other observed evil trends DIA tendencies in the society. Unfortunately, in the living (cultural DIA religious) reality, the spiritual voice of the Heavenly God was interpreted in terms of the ruling black - white DIA binary way of thinking. In other words, in the best case it was understood in terms of (further) spreading (barren repetition) of Heavenly words and ideas of Christ and (Great) prophets, recorded in the Holy Books (thesis), without connecting and IMPLEMENTING these dialectically creative contents with the current events in the living (WORKING, business, political ....) reality (antithesis), understood in terms of distinguishing GOOD from evil, as a prerequisite for making a dialectical synthesis, in order to be made a renewed (fruitful) thesis DIA a (myriad of) renewed antithesis .... For more info, how such an imagined societal community could function in reality, read the creative work:

"World of Dialectics versus Multidimensional Space – Dialectic Interactive Approach in Use, Jovanović, 2002 - 2???"

Development in Time DIA Space of an Imagined Societal Community Organised around Started 3500 Words Used on Average, Jovanović, 2008 (available only on the Serbian language)

Culture DIA Religion

The Background Simulative Methodological Assumptions of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

Anyway, it is not difficult to be grasped that in this creative article the focus was not put on the religion (religious issues) but rather on the culture DIA religion in its kernel. The purpose of it is to be revivified a creative use DIA the conceiving and comprehending of the (pre-ancient) methodological dialect culture. In the developed dialectical interactive approach for THE CREATING a "new" (renewed, higher) knowledge of / in time DIA space, this methodological dialect, as such one, was included as a comprising part of its considered background simulative assumptions. Keep in thy mind, this creator of knowledge neither gathers religious followers around the exposed ideas, nor has intention to impose them at any price but he has offered a renewed methodological approach for the creating knowledge, as a kind of the antithesis to the existing (ruling) simple - minded methodological approaches. This creator of knowledge also argues, that only by this constellation of the dialect culture DIA (suitable God's) RELIGION, in the creative interaction with the other three important simulative DIA modelable dialects (art, philosophy, science), READ: "Dialectic Interactive Approach: The Methodological Creative Framework", might be tackled DIA un-camouflaged some hot issues and themes in any dialectical societal universe (of worlds of the natiocracies), as it is, for example, the concept of freedom. Because each manifestation of the natiocratic concept of ideas endeavours to keep under (ideological) control these four important spheres of the human acting, everyone should be aware of the taken risk because it can have fatal consequences for her / his future prospects, for example, for making a (successful) career, if it was chosen this option of the creative acting within such ('neo-secular') societies.

Culture DIA Religion

The Background Simulative Methodological Assumptions of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

Or more simply said, these four important spheres of the human acting are both sources and instruments of the might through ideological infecting (indoctrination) DIA the accumulated money in any natiocratic form of rule. As an example, just try to imagine, seen from a perspective of their doctrine of the "Natural Evolution DIA Natural Selection", what are these mighty politicians, business(wo)men, (para-)state-bureaucrats or anyone else, without (the dialectical interacting) culture, art, philosophy, science. This is an additional reason, why the suitable God's RELIGION should be placed in the core of the dialect culture in order to be prevented DIA decreased these already observable animalistic, brutal, .... trends DIA the related perfidious (obscured) tendencies in this modern time DIA space. Keep in thy mind, by acting as a creator (of knowledge), THOU must separate ("secularate") from DIA by arising thyself over the "we"-form of speaking ('all people are descended from a monkey', for example), as an individual, a great Human Being, if it was needed.

Arising DIA Enlightenment of a Simplest One in Time DIA Space

Coming into Being and Arising DIA Enlightenment of a Simple - Reasonable Person in Time DIA Space

Although, a disagreement with the common 'natural' origin of theirs, implanted deep into the (mob DIA group) "we" form of speaking, has been said, at this very moment in many places worldwide, thou, acting as a creator (of knowledge) in thy creative work (article) should elaborate both "how and why" it cannot be valid and particularly it has not to be valid FOR ALL OF US ("we") but something other is necessary to be satisfied the human needs for "me / thou / us" (the individual DIA team form of speaking).

From the previously uttered dialectical interactive content, it's easy to be concluded that a (communicational DIA creative) conflict, between the "we" and "I - thou - we" (form of expression), is unavoidable, both in the inner and outer terms. Do not be seduced by their too loud propaganda of the concept of freedom of creative expression ("speech"). In other words, sooner or later, thou are going to be put on the serious testing (temptation) by the "earthly gods". In spite of the fact that concept of freedom of creative expression ("speech") was constitutionally guaranteed, that is, the creative acting, for example, in the way done by this creator of knowledge has not been legally and officially forbidden, as it had been done in some other natiocratic (atheistic) forms of rule, it is 'forbidden' in an obscured way (behind the dark scenery). Just try to accomplish thy creative acting within an official natiocratic institution [natiocratic centres for gathering information ('intelligence') for the ruling obscured network], "where all is about money DIA (the acquiring) corresponding power and the might", in order to become aware of true consequences for doing it outside of them. In either case, by doing it gratis in various "Hide Parks", by unpaid demonstrations or at thy own expense, is of the third-hand importance, seen from a CREATIVE DIA METHODOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE.

From the previously said follows, within each natiocratic form of rule, implanted into the suitable institutions, based on the mob DIA group way of thinking, there is no true DIA genuine freedom of any kind, including the creative one, apart from the various manifestations of freedom by the gathered crowd DIA (organised) groups, because the major feature of any true DIA genuine freedom is its INDIVIDUAL character. Mob DIA groups are not (cap)able to create new knowledge but rather to destroy the something already created. In addition to this, the individual(istic) character of freedom is just limited by the mob DIA group, that is, by the mob DIA group way of thinking, respectively by this attitude of theirs to the (meaning of) life DIA living. The individualistic feature of the freedom is valid for the team way of creating knowledge, too. In other words, its members cannot undertake a creative journey together, placed in some kind of the creative (group) container, but rather do it individually, triggered, driven and led by a common creative mission DIA vision, and then later compare DIA dialectically to synthesise their creative upshots (self-awareness) in time DIA space by using. For example, using the dialectical interactive approach, or some another appropriate methodological approach for this purpose.

The individual(istic) character of the notion freedom (of will DIA choice) is also supported by the experience (self-awareness) of this creator of knowledge. In other words, only within the Inner DIA Inmost Being can be talked about the true freedom of will DIA choice. For instance, in terms of the strong will of mine DIA free choice to be accomplished my life mission. All other that followed this inner will DIA choice [externalisation DIA accomplishing it, within this kind of the natiocratic society] has nothing to do with the notion freedom (of creative acting). In spite of this subordinated position within the "freedom" of the outside world, it is still both possible and feasible to be creatively attacked their stiff (literal) holdings on, views and attitudes DIA the established institutions, thanks to the freedom (of creativity) of the inner world (of dialectics): Thy own time DIA space. From the exposed dialectic interactive content follows that in such typical natiocratic scenarios DIA situations in time DIA space there is rather a need for (more) STRONG WILL, that is, for the highly developed spiritual DIA mindual (cap)abilities, or for the stron muscles and the elastically pliable spine, if you so will, than for the empty talking about the (more) free will during the creative acting.

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The Human Being

Concluding the initiated dia-process, it is important to be emphasised that the (deeply) developed inner world (personal medium) is OF THE CRUCIAL IMPORTANCE during the creative acting DIA living within any kind of the hard external life - environment. Those, who did not manage to acquire it, or didn't create and preserve it, are not able to survive, living in such a hard environment, particularly during the period of life - calamities. Are the evil ones free? To the opinion of this creator of knowledge: NO! In fact, they being expelled from their inner worlds by the (obscured and dark) 'them' (from their dark past), are only able to live (and survive) by living IN THE EXTERNAL time and space (DIA by rule committing evil to others), by trying perhaps to get into the inner worlds of others and to infect them too with their 'illness'. Even those, for whom cannot be said that they are evil towards others, are only able to live in some kind of artificial substitute for the (missing or stunted) inner world (of the spiritual capabilities) by help of narcotics (drugs), chronic alcoholism (dipsomania) and the like. In other words, this kind of the 'inner' world has been made (temporally) within their brains, lasting until the "living in this illusionary world" is feasible in physical (matter) terms, often made (consciously) shorter by doing evil to themselves (by committing suicide).

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The White Angel

It might be argued that the regular smoking, the using anti-depressive and anti-insomnia pills are the first symptoms of the not enough developed (stunted or not enough cultivated) inner world, that is, there is no inner peace within the personal medium, from any reason. Furthermore, those, who have need for more additional artificial light [syndrome of the people with the sight disability, and who truly have need for wearing eye-glasses, when suddenly are left without them], although this additional artificial light is not necessary for accomplishing their (current) activities, should also check, whether it has to do with the "missing light" within their inner DIA inmost being, that is, having not good balance between the "day and night". The same might be argued for someone's inability to sit (alone) on a fixed place a longer period of time DIA innerly to concentrate her-/himself on something in the spiritual DIA mindual terms, or when someone has to be the most of time (and space) entertained in external terms, or driven by a need for the 'amusing" other (people) and alike. All of it are recognisable symptoms of the (with hope of temporal) inability of the finding inner peace.

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