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 An Introduction to the Dialectic Interactive Approach

Culture DIA Religion

The Background Simulative Methodological Assumptions of the Dialectic Interactive Approach


The Ultimate DIA Probable Methodological Presumptions of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

The Ultimate DIA Probable Methodological Presumptions of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

The development of the Dialectical interactive approach (DIA) can be divided in three continual phases. In the first creative work of his: "Netmode – the Strategy for 21st Century – Dialectical Interactive Approach, Jovanović, 1999", by this creator of knowledge were presented basic methodical procedures and techniques of this methodological creative framework and introduced the basic notions of this methodological approach. In the next creative work of his: "Traces of Dialectics in Time DIA space – Methodology for Creating Knowledge, Jovanović, 2001" the development of the Dialectical interactive approach was completed. In addition to this, it was in details elaborated the possible impact of this methodological approach on the modern thought and knowledge as well. Keep in your mind that the first creative work was written as a general proposal for a potential Ph.D. dissertation at the Copenhagen Business School, so by definition, revealing the complete terminology was not feasible because of the well known scientific barriers. As a consequence of it, this methodological approach was not completed. It seems, even mentioning the notion SPIRIT in the redefined time DIA space, was too much to the members of the study committee for the selection of competent (ideologically appropriable, pertinent and suitable) candidates.

  • Actually only the main method of the creative interaction of the dialectic interactive approach [thesis, antithesis, synthesis DIA the renewed thesis .... temporal conclusion] and these Ultimate DIA Probable Methodological Presumptions clustered around the Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Time DIA Space, were developed, but not as elaborated in detail.
  • In this potential P.H. Dissertation at the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark (year, 1999), neither God, or citations of the Holy Books and Scripture were mentioned nor the (creative) freedoms, the established system of natiocracy based on the 'natural selection' .... of theirs were criticized. The only term or abstract notion which catches the eye is the dialect-SPIRIT, which was used to redefine the existing understanding of time and space. But it seems this was too much for them as well as probably jealousy because my master thesis has already surpassed most doctoral dissertations in creative sense. For this reason, my view (attitude) towards culture and art, as well as in some way towards philosophy and science was wrapped (hidden) into small dialectoses for practicing dialectical thinking, for example, mental - emotiv emotional intelligence.
  • In spite of all this, there is a catch, that is, this dialectic interactive approach requires the higher level of achieved development of the consciousness of the inhabitants of the considered social environment. First of all, a majority of people is not capable of thinking in terms of the "quartet" of a triad of (3) dialects DIA their unity and oneness (1) because they were drilled and tamed from generation to generation to think in the simple-minded way of the Dual (AND-AND) ⇢ Bipolar [OR-OR] ⇢ into Binary (OR) Way of Thinking, manifested in the everyday reality as: with us - against us, yes - no, true - false, 0 - 1, black - white and the like.

  • In other words, they do not allow in various ways the appearance of another way of thinking because by initiated processes of a further vulgarization of masses, their various narrow-minded interests and objectives is much simpler to carry out in a social, political, business reality, that is, in the life reality. In other words, in such natiocratic environments, although you seemingly have two options (yes-no, for example), thy social status (money, as well as various forms of nepotism, cronyism, clientelism...) simply determines thy choice and response to this false dilemma [similar to freedom of choice in the animal kingdom]. In short, as in all natiocratic societal orders, it is far more important who thou know than what thou know. The only way to change that and gain proper power is with big money backed up with a loyal clientele as well as with the support of opportune groups of force and coercion including appropriate interest groups (similar to the way the mafia works).
  • To cut this long story short, because of this abundance of their choices, they simply can expand the offered assortiment on this bipolar line of theirs as much they want, or as necessary is, [much more than this dialectic methodological creative framework offers], as well as to add various flavors (of freedoms, loves, truths....) to the offered creative products and used notions... placed in these two of their BLACK AND WHITE baskets of hidden darkness.
  • In any case, just try to imagine and conjure up for thyself the creative courage of this creator of knowledge, at that time DIA a suitable space still in the process of spiritual and intellectual development, to dare in such natiocratic conditions, not only to put such a doctoral dissertation proposal as a title, but also to write a comprehensive business, social... strategy for the 21st century, that is, not for the next 5-10 years, but for the whole century: the Age of (Bio-) Information Technology and the appropriate way of Communication.
  • To be honest, even though I studied [a top student, not only with a high-grade point average, because that's not a real measure of knowledge, but also with top creative abilities, gained work experience...] and lived in the most advanced part of the world, I didn't believe or simply didn't wanted to accept the fact, that is, to come to terms with the fact that the people's mind of the natiocratic elite can descend so low or fall into this dark abyss of such a manifested vulgarity.

Namely, this nascent creator of knowledge, that is, in this still very early stage of his creative development and appropriate action (1999), decided to end this senseless natiocratic six monthly plays of theater [apparently but not really, my doctoral dissertation proposal has disappeared (stolen !?)] writing an open letter to the members of the scientific committee for selecting ideologically suitable candidates, ending it with the following words:

  • "at this moment, I am sure that I was one of the most creative individuals, who lived, acted, and created in the field of social sciences (and not only management) during the last two years of the century (millennium) in Denmark, and perhaps much wider. It will be shown and proven, either in the near or distant future".

Static DIA Dynamic Mathematics reflected through the Prism of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

Source: Proposal for a Potential Ph.D. Dissertation at the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

"Netmode – the Strategy for 21st Century – Dialectic Interactive Approach, Jovanović, 1999"

Looking back on these distant days of this budding creator of knowledge, note how humble I was at the time DIA a suitable space, limiting the scope of my creative activity to the field of social sciences and to the small country of Denmark, and only timidly expressed myself "and perhaps much wider", which is unacceptable for someone who had the creative courage or audacity to write a strategy for the 21st century because it penetrates deeply into the ("creative") interests of far larger countries, and far larger (hidden) world players and troublemakers. Keep in mind that any redefinition of time and space, especially in combination with a new methodological approach, touches and affects all spheres of human activity, including within them the corresponding deep-rooted interests and privileges of various formed interest groups and social communities. But considered from the point of view of this nascent creator of knowledge at the time, this was actually the beginning of a definite divergence on the "battlefield" of creativity, as well as a complete severance of ties with conservative scientific workers, who simply abuse the autonomy of the university given to them through the natiocratic mentoring system (of ideological control). In short, in every form of manifestation of natiocratism this is wrapped in the appropriate mantle of darkness, that is, in this particular case, it is all wrapped up in the name of freedom of creative action (at the expense of taxpayers), that is, quasi-independence from the influence of (state-) politics, business, the administrative apparatus of the state and the like. By the way, pay attention to how in full agreement with this form of manifestation of the hidden scheme of natiocratic action, this vacuum of independence and granted autonomy to universities is filled with the hidden action of supranational structures, which are outside the ("democratic") control of the state, and which should take into account the expediency of spending taxpayers' money. In fact, this is only one type of abuse of the granted autonomy, that is, "independence" from a multitude of similar ones, that is, exceeding the assigned powers or given power of attorney within established natiocratic societies supported by suitable political, economic, and cultural systems.

If this simple-minded way of thinking would be feasible within the framework of natiocracy, then it would be implemented by this creator of knowledge or someone else who at least has limited autonomy of his own time DIA space, that is, he finances his "independence and freedom of creative action" with his own funds. But such a thing is unattainable in natiocratic societies without paying an additional very high price, because the (inter)national dark network firmly holds all the essential threads of darkness in its hands including the channels of financing or self-financing. This creator of knowledge was aware of all this previously exposed by reading the life stories of his predecessors in this still-ruling rectilinear understanding of space and time, that is, the repetition of "old stories within the renewed Roman empires of the reign of darkness". Regardless of all these adversities (that await him), this creator of knowledge has finally recognized the image of his real self, that is, who he really is, where he comes from, what life mission has been assigned to him [not what I think it is or what I thought, that is, wanted, if you will] and the like. In the next two years, he finally parted ways with scientists at the world level. This was also facilitated by the use of the Internet, which only confirmed his dark premonitions regarding his attainable material "welfare and bounties" that awaited him in the days yet to come, regardless of his creative potential.

Two years later (2001), having freed himself from these well-known scientific restraints and shackles, so characteristic of simple and simple-minded reason, this creator of knowledge not only completed the missing links of the dialectical interactive approach but also noted down his first truly creative work: "Imprints DIA Impressions of Dialectics in Time DIA Space - Methodology for Creating Knowledge, Jovanović, 2001". It follows from this that the freedom of creative action in the sense of distinguishing good from evil is in fact exceeding known creative landmarks (of firmly established boundaries), that is, going outside and (far) beyond the limits of the known, and especially beyond the limits allowed by someone else or others. In other words, as long as thou act within the limits of what is known and allowed, it is not about freedom in the full sense of this notion, because for such a thing thou do not really need any great freedom (and courage), but rather some kind of permission, approval or authority. In fact, these are old established natiocratic stories to scare small children, with the difference that even small children get rid of this kind of fear very quickly, that is, they realize that the forbidden fruit is the sweetest.

In the years that came and went, the revival of this pre-ancient methodological approach, as well as of this dialectical understanding of time and space, was completely completed, that is, it came out of oblivion again into the light of day. Of course, the societal (and social) sciences were not neglected either, whose greatest creative achievement was the disclosure of the secrets of natiocratism, that is, the creative framework of the actions of all known natiocratic orders until now was elaborated. The role of financial markets in the establishment of a new natiocratic economic-financial societal order (debtism) was especially emphasized, and the hot topic of the role of religion was also not bypassed. As an additional example, read the outlines of the ancient dialectical interactive approach imprinted in the masterpiece of applied dialectical thinking and reasoning: The Book of Job. The ruling dual (AND-AND) → bipolar (OR-OR)⇉ binary (OR) way of thinking and reasoning, as well as its source of inspiration, and thus also of the troubles and problems of all the so far established natiocratic societies, through the application of various forms of manifestation of the simple mind and reason, was also severely criticized by this creator of knowledge because this methodical approach is the pure opposite to the dialectical interactive approach.

More light is also shed on some ubiquitous buzzwords applying the dialectical interactive approach such as truth, trust, and love, as well as many other social topics including from the point of view of modern science and philosophy some very exotic topics. In this way, this creator of knowledge not only marked the creative scene of the 21st century, but also seems to have stepped far into the next century, this time not so much because of his expressed creativity as because of the low level, not only of the creative abilities of scientific workers, but primarily because stagnation and recession in the development of their consciousness, and in this way, of their creative products and simple-reasonable copies that occupied all spheres of human activity. As a result of all this, they gave up on taking further steps from the "small step of Neil Armstrong, but a big one for humanity" made long ago (1969), contenting themselves with throwing dust in the eyes of the already blinded broad masses of the people, that is, in these expanses of democratical voters of the future, both their short-term and of their offspring's through the construction of "gardens neither in heaven nor on earth" (the supposed 'international station of peace'). In short, all these manifestations of the Titanic full of darkness sail back to meet the well-known events of the medieval age of the reign of blackness.

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Since the showing by the creator (of) knowledge personally, how the developed theoretical concept should be implemented in the living reality is the crucial part of the pre-ancient simulation's approach (applying the existing knowledge of philosophy, culture, art, science) to the discovery of unknown in time DIA space, the third creative work "World of Dialectics versus Multidimensional Space – Dialectical Interactive Approach in Use, Jovanović, 2002 - 20??" has being written in this purpose. Dialectic Interactive Approach (DIA) was based on the pre-ancient hidden knowledge DIA wisdom of God, preserved in the Holy Books and Scriptures, and other ancient and antique books as well, which survived this period of knowledge vulgarity. Bear in mind, that this period of the rule of darkness is still present, the dark stings of which, this creator of knowledge has tasted and still experiences this on the "own skin", and no doubt, it will last until finally from the ruling (creative) scene disappears, or at least to be pushed back into the dark corner, the way of thinking of proponents of the simple(st) DIA vulgar mind. And just this has been full meaning of the creative actions and acting, understood in the sense of the assigned life mission to this inner creator of knowledge, better known under his creative name Boban.

In short, by the dialectic interactive approach, based on the developed dialectical creative framework for orienting in the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces, as a result of the made redefinition of mega-dialect time [future, emotively emotional presence dia (active and creative) physical presence, past] DIA space, [spirit, reason dia mind, matter], can be also redefined, as creative examples, basic principles of the (everyday) dynamic math from perspective of the dialectical math, as well as quantum physics and cosmology, giving a clear creative signal that everything else could be redefined using these renewed methodological fundaments. In this graphical illustrations were displayed by this website creator the left behind traces and imprints of this pre-ancient methodological approach to discovery of the unknown in time DIA space, in a pictorial and picturesque way of the revivifying this content, taken from the creative works of the creator of knowledge: BoBan. Hope you will like it, although these images are actually simple screenshots of the creative contents, done by the MS-word processor's tools.

  about dialectics

The original meaning and interpretation of dialectics, or wisdom of God, was partly preserved in the learning of creators of knowledge, who creatively acted and created in antique Greece. After the antique age this ancient knowledge and learning "suddenly" disappeared. In other words, this approach ceased to be used as the main (leading) method in science and philosophy. A coincidence? I'm not sure. First in the 18-19th. century some aspects of this wisdom reappeared in philosophy, particularly in the works of German (Gothic) philosophers and thinkers. By reading the notions used, as well as the terminology used during the development of this methodological approach, you can understand easier, what actually dialectics is and what it about is. But the most important is to comprehend that its basic features, properties, and manifestations in time DIA space are: transition, transformation, and metamorphose, as well as transfiguration, as the highest, dialectical state of them all achieved in time [future, emotively emotional presence dia (active and creative) physical presence, past] DIA space [spirit, mind dia reason, matter], including the spiritual re-enlightenment DIA illumination as well.

The insufficient paying attention to the (hidden) power of initiated dialectical processes (dia-processes), which emanate from the depths of the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces, or to the actual power of a dialectical change, if you so will, during the passing of this dialectical understanding of time and space, was the main weakness, not only of the Newtonian understanding of space and time but of the dynamical understanding of space and time by Einstein, too. For this reason, this methodological approach focuses on the various manifestations of the PRIMARY LAW (rule) of dialectics (of dialectics) in time DIA space, which in fact follows the main method of the dialectical interactive approach: Thesis ⇆ Antithesis ↹⇅ Synthesis DIA the Renewed Thesis ⇆ Supplemented and Completed Antithesis and so on in Time DIA Space UNTIL a TEMPORARY CONCLUSION of the considered range of the dialectical understanding of Time and the corresponding scope of Space (♦) is reached. The statics as well as dynamics, though they are constitutive dialects of the dialectic interactive approach, are not so valuable and qualitatively significant in the dialectically long run, except in the sense of dialectical (creative) contents used for initialization dialectical, interactively-creative processes in time DIA space, the culmination of which is precisely the dialectics. Dialectics is not only superior in the qualitative sense, it is present quantitatively everywhere around you, and within thee as well. In other words, everywhere thou see the couple dialect of any statics DIA dynamics, dialectics has been already present there, regardless of which way of thinking is used or prevails. Just cast a look around thee!

Dialectics of Dialectics DIA Negations of Negations

The Unity and Exerting of Dialectical Tensions in Time DIA Space


The Four Primary DIA Proto Paradigmatic Presumptions of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

and so on, until was reached stage of the development of

The Concept of the Living God


In the available (philosophical) texts, dedicated to dialectics, comparing it with this revived methodological approach, only one part of this big picture is recognizable. In other words, within these recorded and left traces and imprints of dialectics in time DIA space, are only recognisable mindual (philosophical) aspects this dialectical interactive process, such as the use of dialogue, for example, in Plato's creative works. In the revived dialectical interactive approach, the focus was on the worlds of the dialectic, and which specific world of the dialectic to be considered depends on the dialectical content under consideration, both in the sense of the most spacious (the largest) (the universe, for example) and in the sense of the narrowest / the smallest (quantum world, for example). I hope it is not necessary to emphasize that between these two wide, far, and deep spans of time [future, emotively emotional presence dia physical presence, past] DIA space [spirit, mind dia reason, matter] anything else can be considered in the same way.

The similar case is also with the four terrestial ancient elements: Fire, water, air, earth. If you read the available texts regarding the interpretation of the role of these four ancient elements, you will notice that the focus was placed on the properties of matter, observed in nature. On the other hand, in this revived methodological approach, as one consequence of the redefined mega-dialect space, (DIA time), the focus is placed on their SYMBOLIC meaning during any dialectical interactive process. For this reason, their symbolic meaning is (everywhere) present, in each image, as well as in their methodological whole, in this revived dialectical interactive approach. In other words, it is noticeable either in terms of the color used or as a dialect (interactive component). Just pay attention to the stated, while looking at the displayed images of this methodological approach in all the creative articles written.

This PICTORIAL representation of the world of dialectics is the main feature that distinguishes the dialectical interactive approach from other methodological approaches. Or in much simpler terms, every time you see these four SYMBOLIC DIALECTS placed within a square (rectangles) divided by a diagonal cross, it will associate you with the first dialectic principle, aspect, property, and manifestation in TIME DIA SPACE, without any need to be supported this dialectical content with the corresponding words: "The unity DIA exertion of dialectical tensions in time DIA space". On the other hand, when there were perceived dynamic DIA dialectical images of them in TIME DIA SPACE, you will recognize the illustrated manifestations of the other two ones DIA the reappearance of the first dialectical principle, aspect, property, and manifestation, as it slowly emerges from the depths of the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces of the worlds of dialectics of God. The previously uttered methodological DIA interactively creative aspects of dialectics in time DIA space, seen as a methodological whole, were symbolically DIA picturially presented by the pyramid (of Cheops, for example). Just perceive by watching its ground plan (part), within it has already been seen a reflection of this pyramid in time DIA space (whole). READ: Three Basic Dialectical Principles, Aspects, Properties, and Manifestations in the Time DIA Space. For all these reasons mentioned above, this creator of knowledge assigned them within this methodological creative framework the role of primary DIA proto-dialectical paradigmatic methodological assumptions.

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The Human Being

Creator of knowledge BoBan wishes thee a pleasant stay in this already disclosed world of dialectics. I hope thou like it, and who knows, maybe thou also get courage, to push off thyself DIA the undertaking corresponding CREATIVE journeys through this eternally lasting time DIA endless spaces of worlds of dialectics, using dialectic interactive approach. But never forget, from time to time to emerge from this enchanting creative world to these beautiful earthly spaces. Keep in mind that thy creative duty is to return through that invisible but emotively sensible pore-spore of time, in time DIA space, from which thou started thy creative journey. By the way, a creative journey through the dialectical understanding of time and space is the most interesting journey imaginable, bringing its inhabitants the latest GOOD news, as well as the first drops of (continuously) renewable and refreshed knowledge of time, in time (Future, emotively emotional Presence dia physical Presence, Past) DIA space (SPIRIT, MIND dia REASON, matter).

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