humane, creatively individual way of thinking

humane, creatively individual way of thinking

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On top of this, instead of putting in focus the various IMPERSONAL group categories, a paradigmatic shift of the way of thinking was made, where the human and humane beings with their needs, wants and wishes are in the centre of attention of all participating actors. The role of creative abilities was clearly emphasised, understood in terms of being adequately paid (including payment by the issued shares), instead of being cheaply exploited through fixed salaries by the top management and owners (investors). Apart from a harsh critique of the purposeful production of vulgar minds DIA the SIMPLE(ST) ONES, in order to be satisfied the narrow-minded interests of ruling natiocratic elite, this creator of knowledge also stressed the importance of CONTINUOUSLY increasing the level of development of the consciousness of its inhabitants. In the living reality, this is manifested by the recognisable human prick (pangs) of CONSCIENCE, which actually tells someone, whether it was handled or done in a good or bad (evil) way, whether something is of a good or evil nature and the like. In order to be satisfied these higher humane interests, the distinguishing GOOD from evil plays the central role during any kind of the interactively creative debate using this methodological approach: dialectic interactive approach. In other words, as sooner this issue was resolved in accordance with the basic principles of the developed dialectical interactive approach, as more fruitful its creative outcome will be.

distinguishing good from evil, as a prerequisite for successful functioning an established society and family

For this reason, if it is not feasible to be established in relative terms, what is good and what is bad (evil) in the absolute terms, then it should be determined, understood in terms of the basic principles of the developed dialectical interactive approach, what is better from the available, accessible choices, ways, ..., accordingly in the utmost sense, WHAT IS LESS EVIL in a particular scenario in time DIA the appropriate situation in space. Keep in mind, each established societal order requires the suitable level of the developed consciousness of its inhabitants, which is externally manifested through the relation between the good and evil in a concrete society. In short, when the utmost limits of this gray zone of confrontation between good and evil in a society are not set, then the vulgarity, anarchy, and demonstration of various natiocratic freedoms including the creative ones as well will spread to these disputed areas until the entire realm of good has been occupied. In other words, only in this human and individual way of distinguishing Good from evil does it make sense to give greater autonomy and independence to workers and employees during the launched creative, working, and business processes and making appropriate decisions, or in the broader sense to provide the necessary conditions for freedom of speech, expression, and creative action, the right to vote for their citizens, or excercise of freedom of choice and free will in generall, as a prerequisite for successful functioning an established society, family, and other ways of socially organizing its inhabitants.