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Puzzle of the Micro-Universe


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puzzle of time and space

Aftereffects of the Dialectical Understanding of Time dia Space

Puzzle of the Micro-Universe

Further Implications of the Dialectical Understanding of Time dia Space in the Life Reality

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The Concept of the Dialectical Understanding of Time DIA Space versus The Concept of (Recti)linear Understanding of Space and Time applied in the Living reality
Creative Capabilities of the Modern Mind seen from the Perspective of Creating Knowledge
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     III.    Puzzle of the Micro-Universe

Happenings in the World of Quants: Does it here the Word goes about a Traveling through Past

Traveling through the Parental Tree of Ancestors

Puzzle of the Micro-Universe

Gathering and Interchange of Information

Stars as the Pictorial Script of the Dialectical Interactive Approach

Dialectical Comprehension of Future

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      III.    Puzzle of the Micro-Universe

Happenings in the World of Quants: Does it here the Word goes about a Traveling through Past?

Capabilities of the Modern Mind seen from a Perspective of the Creating Knowledge

(Recti) Linear Creative Framework for the Orientation in Time and Space

After this long but the necessary digression (of the subject under consideration) in time DIA space, it was reached the right moment DIA place for a deeper reconsideration of the events, which occur within the micro-universe.

Seen from the perspective of the developed dialectic interactive approach, this dialectical content reminds me on an endless journey of a couple dialect (thesis dia antithesis), such as, for example, the imaginative traveling of a spermatozoon and an ovum ("twin") through time DIA space, which after joining together, FOR SOME REASON, never form a zygote (a single cell) but rather they were transformed DIA transition into some kind of different "twin", which then each time separates in order to be found THE RIGHT particle (partner) by the purpose of forming TWO new couple - dialects. It seems, in difference to the living beings, species, plants.... of the present time and the macro-universe, in a broader, farther and deeper sense (stars, galaxies....), within the dialectical worlds of micro-universe due to some reason of being "robbed" of the suitable set of "chromosomes", that is, of the information how to do it, there is no fertilization (forming a zygote: a single cell), which normally develops into an embryo. WHY IT IS SO? An answer to this puzzle of the micro-universe might be that it is not the purpose of their journey ("life mission"). Or answering it in terms of the rectilinear comprehension of time (and space), they for some reason do not follow the arrow of the present time: past ⇢ present ⇢ future BUT THE INVERSE ONE. In other words, within the worlds of dialectics, the micro-universe mimics and “mirrors” the macro-universe in an inverse way: contraction versus expansion. In short, by this dialectical content [dialectical worlds of the involved spermatozoa and ovums], it seems, it was fulfilled the GREATEST DREAM of scientists: an endless JOURNEY THROUGH THE PAST, respectively in both directions (in philosophical terms of the meaning this notion), if you so will (conception of the destiny dia fate, for example)

Traveling through the Parental Tree of Ancestors

Or seen from the perspective of the primary law of dialectics, it looks like an endless traveling through the paternal (parental) tree of ancestors of two particles (spermatozoa of a father DIA ovums of a mother), where the happenings in (of) THE LIFE of each born living being, creature..., are not of any interest for them, that means, this dialectical content for some reason purposefully was shortened, neglected and skipped. An another example of this in the living reality is the instantaneous death of an infant after the birth (negligible duration of life), followed by a (continual) rebirth with the same fatal dialectical outcome and so on in time DIA space. Because in this way [by ignoring and neglecting the happenings of life DIA living] were created three dots (of the thesis, antithesis, synthesis ~ birth, life, death DIA one (dot of the renewed thesis ~ rebirth), it was not by chance that physicists can not distinguish the past from the future simply by looking at these dia-processes on so a tiny scale of time DIA space. Seen from the methodological point of view, the reasons are again the wrong (DYNAMIC) methodological presumptions of the constructed reality. In other words, within dialectical worlds of the micro-universe the speed of occurring of dialectical processes (change) is extremely high compared to the (duration of) dynamic (DIA static) ones: life dia living of an (created) elementary particle. Recall, the major features of the worlds of dialectics are neither static processes, nor dynamic processes but the DIALECTIC ONES, that means, the point is always (hidden) in (the sieves of) dialectics (of dialectics DIA negations of negations set in motion).

Puzzle of the Micro-Universe

To be made even more realistic these happenings within dialectical worlds of the micro-universe, imagine here the main actors are the GHOSTS of the spermatozoon and ovum ("twin"), which after accomplishment of their life mission in the world of five basic senses (their unification gave the birth to a living being, creature), were captured for some reason within a dialectical world of the micro-universe. To cut this long story short too, these happenings within the tiny dialectical worlds of micro-universe remind me on the happenings, which were described by the Christian conception of the so-called SECOND DEATH [a manifestation of the hell for living beings]. In either way, to get back into dialectical worlds of the organic matter (...birth dia life ⇢ death DIA rebirth ... we are familiar with), that is, out of this gloomy flashing labyrinth of the micro-universe they were condemned futilely to travel through the (barren) past in purpose of establishing, who was the true source of origin of the created primordial living being DIA (reunification of) them: God, nothingness or something else? In other words, only after they solved this puzzle, as reward for it, it will be allowed them to return in the higher (fruitful) organic worlds.

Since they travel through the past, unlike the creative result of their joining together dia fertilization (CREATING a single cell), this instant in time DIA the appropriate space each time meant (was) the end of their single existence. Because the methodological presumption of this model of the constructed reality is ignoring and omission of the happenings during the LIFE of all created beings of the past, they each time instantly have to solve the puzzle of true occurring after the "DEATH DIA REBIRTH" of the created dialectical upshot, that is, in a flash of moment to find out who died DIA who or what was reborn. Since this dialectical content, in fact, presents entry into a new world of dialectics DIA exit from another one [world, cell, proton, neutron, star system, galaxy, universe, if you so will], it is not at all an easy task to untangle (and to find the clue in) this intertwined clew of the considered dialectical content, requiring spending a lot of time DIA (suitable) space to be overcome the corresponding DIALECTICAL distances between and among each ...birth dia life ⇢ death (negation of the negation) DIA rebirth..., respectively in the methodological sense, to overcome distances between and among ....the each thesis, antithesis, synthesis DIA renewed thesis....

Gathering DIA Interchange of Information

Or reinterpreted this model of reality by using the vocabulary of physics, "they come together and interact in some way" [GATHERING DIA INTERCHANGE OF THE NEEDED INFORMATION], and only if THE RIGHT PARTNER was found [that's why they MAY come together or NOT], two different particles are produced, which then separate AGAIN in order to find and eventually with the right partner to be reunified over again. In other words, all it was done in the purpose of re-establishing, who were their GRANDMOTHERS AND GRANDFATHERS, respectively to be found out who was mothers' father and mother (the first couple - dialect) DIA who was fathers' mother and father (the second couple - dialect)..... In short, this traveling through the past continues endlessly, that is, they will be split OVER AND OVER with the goal of finding the right particle - partner each time, respectively, to find out who were their mothers and fathers (GREAT GRANDMOTHERS AND GREAT GRANDFATHERS of a concrete person) and so on through this eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces of the worlds of dialectics. Although someone might argue, this interpreted puzzle of the micro-universe could be unraveled easier within the realm of the present (time), because most of us at least know who was our mother (and father)...., sooner or later this kind of the verified knowledge is going to end, that means, the ghost of the last known person (the great - great... mother and father) in each of this parental tree will be confronted and "faced" with the afore described challenges, which already were "experienced" by ghosts of the spermatozoon and ovum.

Stars as the Pictorial Script of the Dialectical Interactive Approach

The Conception of the Living God

THE CREATIVE EXPANSES OF A FOUR - TRIANGULAR STAR: Potentially REGENERATIVEABLE Prolific Star DIA ("Self"-)Transfering of the LIFE, by words of Plato

Dialectical Comprehending the Time DIA Space: The Conception of the Dialectical Universe

2x3 DIA 3x2 LEPTONS - QUARKS, A static cross section in time DIA space

The (Recti)linear Comprehending Space and Time: The Conception of the Physical Universe

A Twelve-Ponted Star representing 2 FERMIONS consisting of the TWO Dalectically Synthesised * 6 Six-Pointed Stars:

I hope, it was managed me TO BE CONJURED UP a small part of these complex dialectical processes (dia-processes), which take place within a subatomic level of this micro-universe: the dialectical interplay of 2x3 (triplets) DIA 3x2 (pairs of) leptons - quarks, in spite of the fact it was considered the dialectical journey of only a pair of leptons (instead of three x 2 = 6 quarks), whilst the (concurrent) events of the dialectic interplay of two triplets (2x3) within this six-pointed star completely were ignored. In short, in the pre-ancient hidden knowledge this dialectical content under creative consideration was presented by a six-pointed star [the primary school of dialectics of two dialects: thesis - antithesis] Because each of these six leptons (fermion) has its anti-particle, this more complex dialectical content was presented by a twelve-pointed star [the higher school of dialectics of four dialects,] which actually consists of the two dialectically synthesized six-pointed-stars or it was created by the suitable dialectical interplay of four dialects (fire, water, air, earth).

In addition to this, in this model of reality, there were also ignored issues of the influence of gravitation, which also acts within each proton, neutron... (a world of dialectics), and whose force and power must be overcome in order to get out (emerge) from this particular world of dialectics of elementary particles. Although, seen from the rectilinear perspective of the understanding of time and space, it may look like that they follow the inverse arrow of time [traveling through the barren past], one cannot deny that the future is also spent on this dialectical way of traveling, respectively the arrow of time for each of these involved particles in my, thy, our mind DIA reason [of the purpose of this kind of traveling through time DIA space] emerges dia it can be reconstructed. In other words, seen from the perspective of the developed dialectic interactive approach, the direction of the future (events: its flow) depends on the PURPOSE OF THY CREATIVE JOURNEY, and for this reason, the future should be sought within the (inner) vastness of the TIME IN SPACE [future in spirit: NOW AND (T)HERE], because thy physical presence (of the body) is surrounded from all sides by the (events of) past (SPACE IN TIME: matter embedded in the past; the NOW AND HERE).

Dialectical Comprehension of Future

This was an additional reason why the dialect - future was listed (specified) in this methodological approach (of understanding the time) as the first (LEADING) dialect instead of starting with the dialect - past, that is, the mega-dialect time has been (re)defined and presented as FUTURE, emotively emotional DIA physical presence (of body), past. To cut this long story short, seen from the standpoint of the developed dialectical interactive approach, the future is hidden within thee (time in space like: future in spirit). But its fruitful or barren transition and transformation into the past, understood in terms of its SPATIAL EXTERNALISATION into some form of the space in time (matter, which will be incorporated in the past) also depends on the intentions DIA intentionality of the key-actors [on their abilities to create future, that is, to change the course of future events] as well as it depends on the natural and the higher heavenly forces too. In either way, these hidden inner spaces can be perceived only by means of the (well developed) sixth and seventh sense (understood in terms of the emotively emotional presence: now and there). On the other hand, the (results of) the past (events: space in time) surrounds my-thy-our (myths) physical presence (of the body), that means, this dialectical content is space in time-like (matter incorporated in the past), and for this reason, since this is out there of me-thee-us, this [previously seamless, invisible, and unobservable] dialectical content (time in space) can NOW (dialect - present and HERE) be perceived, noticed, and observed by means of five basic senses.

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