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Homepage Cosmopolis: Resume of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

Dialectical Understanding of Time DIA Space:

     I.    Puzzle of Time and Space: Conceptions of Time and Space

     II.    Puzzle of Time and Space: Aftereffects of the Dialectical Understanding of Time dia Space

     III.    Puzzle of the Micro-Universe

     IV.    Further Implications of the Dialectical Understanding of Time dia Space in the Life Reality

Time AND Space VERSUS Time DIA Space:

Methodological Creative Framework of the Dialectic Interactive Approach:

Mental Intelligence VERSUS Mentally-Emotively Emotional Intelligence:

Concept of the Simple(st) Mind:

The Simple(st) Mind in the Living Reality:

Netmodal Management Process:

Plato-Timaeus Unravelled:

The Book of Job - Holy Bible:

About Life, Death, and After-Life:

Happenings in the (Recti)linear Space and Time:

Creative Travellings in Time DIA Space:

Eternal Poem:

Culture DIA Religion:

Debtor's DIA Debt Economics:

Dialectical Concept of the Spiritual DIA Mindual Intelligence

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Frescoes from the Monastery "Mileševa", Prijepolje, Serbia

The three basic dialectical principles, aspects, properties and manifestations in (of) time DIA space Dialectic Interactive Approach

Monastery Mileševa was founded by King Vladislav, son of Stephen the First Crowned and the grandchild of Stephen Nemanja, founder of Nemanjić dynasty. The fresco "White Angel" is a detail of composition of the paying tribute by Myrrh-bearers (“Mironosnice”) in the Tomb prepared for Christ, painted in the church of the Mileševa monastery, dedicated to the Ascension of Living God. It is also one of the most famous frescoes in Serbian art. It shows an Angel, sitting on a stone in front of the tomb, and to the myrrh-bearers points at the place of resurrection of Christ, respectively, points at the empty earthly tomb, which was prepared for Christ. On the second fresco was painted Jesus' mother: Mary as the Holy Mother of Christ. Source: Wikipedia

The three basic dialectical principles, aspects, properties and manifestations in (of) time DIA space Monastery Mileševa

Dialectic Interactive Approach Temple of Sent Sava in Belgrade

All The Best to the ALL Lasting Inhabitants of Mileševa Monastery